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Cervical Screening: What to expect

First cervical screen? Feeling a bit anxious? Don’t worry, we get it.

To help make your first screen as easy as possible we’ve got all the information you need here to help you feel informed and ready. So, do yourself a favour wāhine, watch this video and book your screen! You’ve got this.


A test takes around 10 minutes.


What to expect

You can find out what to expect at The smear process. It includes tips from other women on making the process easier.

If you have a disability or health condition

If you have any special requirements that may make having the test a bit more challenging, let your health provider know beforehand. Tell them know what you need when you make your appointment, and on the day.

If you are pregnant, you can still have a screening test, especially if you have never had one before, are due or overdue for one, have an abnormal screening history, or have been recommended for a follow-up test.

If you have a normal screening history and aren't overdue for a test, you may prefer to delay your test until three months after the birth.

After your baby's birth you should wait three months to have a cervical screening test. This allows time for the changes of pregnancy to settle.

Bringing a support person

You are welcome to bring a support person or member of your whānau with you.

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