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Appointment koha
Costs & eligibility criteria

KOHA or donation is a contribution to cost of consumables used in your examination.  Well Women & Family do not receive ANY funding for wahine who do not meet eligibility criteria.

Cervical Screening (smear test or self testing)

LARC Procedure (IUD or Implant) insertion or removal

STI Testing

Pregnancy Test

Gardasil Vaccination (HPV vaccine)  >27yrs 

Admin fee for those who are on visitor visa and need to apply for NHI No

Non Resident







Starts at $220 + $35 Nurse Consultation (per vaccine)*



Starts at $103*

Eligibility Criteria

To be Eligible for a Free Cervical Screening, You Must:

  • Be a NZ citizen / Permanent Resident

  • Aged 25-69 years



  •  5 years since your last cervical screening

  • Or Never had a cervical screen test in New Zealand

  • Or you have had a previous abnormal cervical screen result on annual recall 

  • Hold a community services card

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