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About our services

Well Women and Family offer a range of services in women's health between the ages of 18 and 70.

We are a nurse-led organisation and our nurses are highly specialised in cervical screening, sexual health and contraception. 

We have a team of supporting health promoters who engage, empower and support the needs of our clients ahead of their appointments with our nursing team. We are a dedicated team and strive to provide equitable access to women's health services in your community. 

Our nurses are fully trained in performing long acting reversible contraception (LARC) procedures such as contraceptive implant insertions/removals and intrauterine contraception (IUD) insertions/removals. 

Please note: our nurses work within a strict clinical scope of practice and following an assessment with them, you may need to be referred to another provider. 

Appointment Koha 

KOHA or donation is a contribution to cost of consumables used in your examination.  Well Women & Family do not receive ANY funding for wahine who do not meet eligibility criteria.

Cervical Screening (smear test)

Contraception Consultation

LARC Procedure (IUD or Implant) insertion or removal

STI Testing 

Pregnancy Test

Gardasil Vaccination (HPV vaccine)  >27yrs 

Non Resident/No visa/Vistor







Starts at $220 + $35 Nurse Consultation (per vaccine)*

Starts at $103*

Eligibility Criteria

To be Eligible for a Free Cervical Screening, You Must:

  • Be a NZ citizen / Permanent Resident

  • Aged 25-69 years



  •  5 years since your last cervical screening

  • or Never had a cervical screen test in New Zealand

  • or you have had a previous abnormal cervical screen result on annual recall. 

  • Hold a community services card

To be Eligible for a Free Contraception consults, You Must:

  • Be a NZ citizen / Permanent Resident


  • Hold a current community services card



There may be other reasons you are eligible for a free consult; the nurse will discuss this with you when you attend

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