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Women's Health clinics

Mobile and fixed Women's smear and contraception health clinics. Locations across Auckland. Our mobile cervical smear clinics rotate across communities in Central, West, and North Auckland.

See the calendar below for our locations and book here to make an appointment

Please phone 09 846 7886 for contraception appointments

If you have any questions about our clinics or the eligibility criteria please call (09) 846 7886

To be Eligible for a Free Cervical Screening, You Must:

  • Be a NZ citizen / Permanent Resident

  • Aged 25-69 years


  •  5 years since your last cervical screening

  • or Never had a cervical screen test in New Zealand

  • or you have had a previous abnormal cervical screen result on annual recall. 

Holding Hands

Cervical Screening Clinic Costs:

  • Eligible Women                       FREE

  • Other Women overdue for Cervical Screening  (low cost)              $10.00 

  • Non-Resident/No visa/visitor
    Starts at                                   $103.00

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