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Women's Health &
Contraception Services

Well Women & Family are here for you, working in the community to engage with women of all cultures and ethnicities.

Providing an easy-to-use service, we encourage wahine to access health and education that empowers them to keep themselves and their families well.

Our services include:


Health Professional Training

Well Women and Family run a NZQA accredited course for health professionals looking to gain certification in cervical screening. 

In addition, we have an online update course. This is available for current sample takers to maintain their competency.

When asked the following question:

"After talking to Well Women & Family, do you now understand the importance of regular cervical screening testing to prevent cervical cancer?"

99.20% Responded YES.

"I had an excellent experience at the Well Women & Family, St Lukes clinic. My nurse was incredibly helpful in explaining the potential results and the requirements for testing my sample. She was very knowledgeable and communicated everything in a very clear and friendly manner. Highly recommend this service."

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