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Women's Health & Contraception Services

Well Women & Family are here for you working in the community to engage with women of all cultures and ethnicities.


Providing an easy-to-use service encouraging wahine to access health and education that empower them to keep themselves and their families well.


Our services include:

  • FREE or low cost cervical screening

  • Sexual health checks

  • Contraception

  • Womens health advice

  • Pregnancy testing

What is a Cervical Screen Test?

Why do I need a screen test?

How do I get a test?

Let Well Women & Family guide you through all the questions that you may have about having a screen test.

More Information

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When asked the following question:

"After talking to Well Women & Family, do you now understand the importance of regular cervical screening testing to prevent cervical cancer?"

99.20% Responded YES.

"I was hesitant at first but I went for it anyway. It was free and to make sure that I am fine with no infections. The Well Women & Family staff are accommodating, friendly and gentle. Nothing to be scared of at all."